Ez történt - Június 29.-én
1944: The RAF carries out a saturation raid (250 Lancasters) against the 2nd and 9th SS Panzer Divisions at Villers-Bocage near Caen.

1944: The US VII Corps captures the last harbor fort at Cherbourg, but the port rendered completely useless for three weeks.

1944: 70,000 troops of Army Group Centre that are encircled near Bobruisk surrender to the Red...
2012-06-29 09:26:28
Ez történt - Június 19.-én
... 1944

1944: A violent storm in the English Channel wrecks the U.S. Mulberry Harbor at St. Laurent (Omaha Beach). 20 allied divisions now oppose 16 German in Normandy.

1944: The Air Ministry ...
2012-06-19 09:07:39
Időnkét egy üzlettársat megbélyegez, a "Láthatatlan hatalom"
... volna háborút indítani. A dokumentumfilm megdöbbentő történeteket mutat be nekünk. Meddig mehet el egy nagyvállalat üzleti érdekeire hivatkozva? Hogy engedhette meg az amerikai kormány Pearl Harbor után, hogy vállalatai az ellenséget segítsék? Megannyi megválaszolatlan kérdés. A háború után Eleanore Roosevelt, az elnök özvegye a következőket írta a New York Times-ban 1945. szeptem...
2012-06-10 22:15:06
Ez történt - Június 7.-én
... Kiska Islands in the Aleutian Islands.

1942: The US carrier Yorktown, having been damaged on the 4th June, is torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese submarine whilst enroute to Pearl Harbor for repairs.

1944: British troops liberate Bayeux, five miles inland from the Normandy coast. All beachheads are reported as established.

1944: The British 2nd Div...
2012-06-07 05:44:04
Ez történt - Június 4.-én
... Enterprise. Hit by four bombs, the Hiryu was set on fire from stem to stern and had to be scuttled by her crew. Farther north, aircraft from the Japanese 2nd Carrier Strike Force bomb Dutch harbor in the Aleutians as planned, damaging the islands fuel tanks and a US ship. US efforts to locate this force are unsuccessful. (More Info)

1943: The House of Commons rejects a...
2012-06-04 08:36:36
Ez történt - Május 31.-én
... Lieutenant General Ritchie is hampered by his inability to concentrate his armor and so is unable to relieve the 150th Brigade.

1942: A Japanese midget submarine enters Sydney Harbor.

1942: Since the start of Operation Paukenschlag (Drum Beat) in January, the U-boats operating along the US eastern seaboard have sunk 111 vessels.

Philco Ad - May ...
2012-05-31 07:34:10
Ez történt - Május 30.-án
... Gazala line.

1942: Admiral Nimitz orders for Task Force 17 (Admiral Fletcher) consisting of the carrier Yorktown, 2 cruisers and 6 destroyers, which had been refitting at Pearl Harbor after operations in the Coral Sea, to set sail for Midway and meet Admiral Spruance there.

1943: 20 children killed when bomb hits Torquay church.

General Electric...
2012-05-30 09:25:43
Ez történt - Május 21.-én
... Május 21.

1239. május 21. Az általa egyházi átokkal sújtott II. Frigyes császárhoz írt levelében IX. Gergely pápa szemrehányást tesz neki amiatt, mert állítólag azt mondta, hogy "három csaló, Mózes, Jézus és Mohamed az egész világot becsapta".

1671 May 21, FREDERICK WILLIAM "THE HOHENZOLLERN" (The Great Elector) (Germany)
Became the Margrave of Brandenb...
2012-05-21 06:38:51
Ez történt - Május 20.-án
... Yamamoto issues his orders for Operation 'Mi'. 2nd Carrier Striking Force under Admiral Hosogaya (2 small aircraft carriers, 2 cruisers and 3 destroyers) was to mount an air-strike on Dutch Harbor in the Aleutians on the 3rd June, this was designed to decoy part of the American force northwards. If this happened then they would be met by a Guard Force of 4 battleships, 2 cruisers ...
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