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William Shakespeare (15...
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A boldogi nagyrózsa fánk (más néven Boldogi nagyrózsa)
... hogy a tészta ne érje el a forma tetjét, miután kisült kicsit nehezen válik le a formáról. (Egy kis klopfoló segítségével lehet leütögetni.)


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2016-02-03 12:42:44
Hófehérke (hunglish)
... Hówhite.
Then came the királyfi on fehér horse and csókoled Hówhite on ajak, mert he was kicsit necrophil, but Hówhite feléleded a meglepitől.
The törps heart hypertrophysaled from the öröm and the királyfi felülteted Hówhite on his fehér horse and they elmened a lemenő nap felé
The törps were very boldog, mert know that the mostoha lebucskázed hazafelé menet egy...
2016-01-02 22:21:11
Repülő autó a szomszédból
... cars can reportedly fit into normal parking spaces and take off and land on 200 metres long grass strips, negating the need for airports according to Vaculík. He added that travel time to and from airports as well as security checks can end up doubling air travel time, and so flying cars could be ideal for shorter trips of around 400 miles.
Vaculík argues that flying cars wil...
2015-04-02 22:23:52
440 Hz-es zene - Összeesküvés, hogy elhangoljanak bennünket
... szándék egy csatornája az emberek, társadalmak és egész civilizációk között.

Néhány 432 Hz-es zenei videó :

2015-02-13 20:44:17
... own

eyes hanging in a jar; and when the boys used to say to her,

"Sibyl, what do you want?" she replied, 'I want to die."

The epigraph is taken from Chapter 48 of the Satyricon

written by Gaius Petronius Arbiter (or Titus Petronius).

For Ezra Pound:

il miglior fabbro
2013-09-30 16:09:04
Ez történt - Július 26.-án
A Jesuit Missionary traveling though China wrote a letter describing his meetings with Ai T'ien, a Chinese Jewish teacher. Most of what we know regarding the Kaifeng Jewish community is from this correspondence.

1806 July 26, NAPOLEON (France)
Formed the Conference of Notables to deal with the relationship of the Jews and the French State. It consisted of 1...
2013-07-26 07:15:25
Ez történt - Július 15.-én
1941: Army Group Centre encircles Smolensk, along with a large body of Russians to the west of the City.

1942: The Germans take Boguchar and Millerovo, less than 200 miles from Stalingrad. However, they have only captured 80,000 Russian's since the 28th June.

1942: New Zealander troops attack 'Kidney' Ridge in three days of fighting, which costs Rommel...
2013-07-15 00:03:36
Ez történt - Június 3.-án
... forbidden to leave home between 10:30pm and 6am.

1940: 300 German planes bomb Paris inflicting around 900 casualties.

1940: British and French forces start to evacuate from Narvik in northern Norway.

1940: The last night of the Dunkirk evacuation sees 26,700 French sol...
2013-06-03 09:16:21
Ez történt - Május 31.-én
... Messiah.

1776 May 31, MANTUA (Italy)
Because Jews were not allowed to expand their housing outside the ghetto, they were forced to build vertically. Many times accidents occurred from weakened structures. On this occasion, two weddings held in the same house caused it to collapse. Twenty-eight women (including one of the brides) and three men were killed.
2013-05-31 07:29:20
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