Thrash Metal
... Elimination uJ_8LW0" >target="_blank"
Overkill - Raise The Dead bKKeIEY" >target="_blank"
Agent Steel - (The Calling) 5jQyy0Y" >target="_blank"
Agent Steel - Agents Of Steel
2019-05-06 01:07:52
... >target="_blank"
Clawfinger - Biggest And The Best kWOqr90" >target="_blank"
Abazagorath - Calling The Spirits Of The Dead (Intro) H0T18lw" >target="_blank"
Abazagorath - For All Eternity
2019-04-21 23:38:48
... Mix) V30nu10" >target="_blank"
Interactive - Forever Young (Radio Version) tQzfW9s" >target="_blank"
Fade II Black - The Calling (Reprise) hohVBbI" >target="_blank"
Jens Lissat & Ramon Zenker - Ene...
2019-03-31 03:33:26
... sadness, like a river we will flow,
On towards the sea we go, when all you do can only bring you sadness,
Out on the sea of madness.

Somewhere I hear a voice that's calling, out in the dark there burns a dream,
You got to hope when you are falling, to find the world that you have seen.

Oh, my eyes they see but I can't believe,
Oh, my heart...
2019-01-29 09:34:16
Calling All Angels
Lenny---nagyon szeretem

2018-03-05 12:36:35
Train - Calling All Angels.mp3
2011-09-23 11:34:11
Polar Express lyrics
... duby duby...

Josh Groban - Believe Lyrics

Send “Believe" Ringtone to Your Cell

Children, sleeping.
Snow is softly falling.
Dreams are calling,
Like bells in the distance.
We were dreamers,
Not so long ago.
But one by one, we
All had to grow up.

When it seems the magic slipped away...
2010-09-14 12:46:47
Laura Branigan- Angels Calling
... wants, you know my needs

You never turn your back on me
You know I play, you let me stray
You're always there to rescue me

Everytime I see you
Angels calling, stars are falling
I hear sounds of love
When I'm near you
Heavens singing hearts are ringing
I hear sounds of love

Everytime I see you
I feel m...
2009-04-26 09:44:45
Michael York
... Quantum Heist (előkészületben)
2008 Ben 10: Alien Force (utómunkálatoknál tart)
2008 Mika i Alfred (utómunkálatoknál tart)
2007 The Replacements (tévésorozat, a London Calling című epizódban) (csak hang)
2007 Flatland: The Movie
2006 Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion (mint narrátor)
2006 Esküdt ellenségek (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) (tévésorozat, a...
2008-11-12 07:55:10
Hilary naplója
... are all about finding out about the real me, Hilary Duff, and not all that extra gossip and craziness. Be sure you pick up a copy!

On MSN's "Hot Gossip" column, I was quoted as calling the town of Waldorf, Maryland as 'a pretty ghetto place.' I want to set the record straight. I have never called Waldorf 'ghetto.' If a journalist has printed that, they might have me rel...
2008-04-04 20:35:37
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