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2019-03-16 09:44:25
Támogassuk Gorán ügyét külföldön is!
... :

Goran is 3,5 year old boy from Hungary

Goran's skills:
- Can fluently read in Hungarian, English and Russian (has alread started learning Chinese and Telugu languages too)
- Can hand-write with capital letters in Hungarian, Engl...
2016-06-22 23:30:10
Ez történt ma
... of Upper Silesia.

1945: Soviet troops liberate Auschwitz. By this time, an estimated 2,000,000 persons, including 1,500,000 Jews, have been murdered there.

1945: Chinese forces under Gen. Sultan from Myitkyina and Chiang's Y-Force from Yunnan joined to reopen the renamed "Stilwell Road" to Chungking.

1948 Bendix
2014-01-27 20:41:06
... living

Can only die. Words, after speech, reach

Into the silence. Only by the form, the pattern,

Can words or music reach

The stillness, as a Chinese jar still

Moves perpetually in its stillness.

Not the stillness of the violin, while the note lasts,

Not that only, but the co-existence,

Or say ...
2013-10-06 13:32:04
Ez történt - Szeptember 6.-án
... War I and adopts a cautious internationalism.

1943: The Red Army succeeds in separating Army Group Centre from Army Group South.

1943: The United States asks the Chinese Nationals to join with the Communists to present a common front to the Japanese.

U.S. Army Air Force Recruitment Ad - September 1944

2013-09-06 10:25:10
Ez történt - Augusztus 25.-én

1945: 7 U-boat men are executed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for the murder of a fellow U-Boat man, Werner Drechsler who they had judged as a traitor.

1945: Chinese troops are reported to have entered the Republican capital of Nanking.
2013-08-25 08:59:25
Ez történt - Augusztus 19.-én
... folytathatnák", mondja F. D. Roosevelt Morgenthau pénzügyminiszternek, ez utóbbi naplója szerint. (Vö. 1949. augusztus 27.)

1945: The Japanese forces in South China surrender to the Chinese 1st Army in Canton. The Russian Far Eastern Army captures Harbin and Mukden in Manchuria.

1945: 16 Japanese surrender envoys arrive on Ie and are taken to Manila for a 5 ...
2013-08-19 09:46:37
Ez történt - Július 26.-án
... által megvalósított teokratikus zsarnokság ellen.

1605 July 26, CHINA
A Jesuit Missionary traveling though China wrote a letter describing his meetings with Ai T'ien, a Chinese Jewish teacher. Most of what we know regarding the Kaifeng Jewish community is from this correspondence.

1806 July 26, NAPOLEON (France)
Formed the Conference of Notables ...
2013-07-26 07:15:25
Ez történt - Május 29.-én
1942: Rommel is only 25 miles from Tobruk as a massive tank battle rages in the 'Cauldron'.

1942: The Chinese are defeated by Japanese forces at Kinhwa in Chekiang province south of Shanghai.

29th May 1943
292 Lancasters, 185 Halifaxes, 118 Stir...
2013-05-29 00:52:06
Ez történt - Május 27.-én

1945: Chinese troops are now 25 miles North of Foochow and take Loyaun.

1945: The U.S. Sixth Army takes Santa Fe on Luzon.

Dolores del Río

2013-05-27 09:34:36
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