Although skullstep was originally a derisive moniker for techstep (as was the word clownstep for jump up), it came to designate an especially repetitious and aggressive style of techstep similar to breakcore. A syncopated, dotted quarter note drum loop written by Limewax started the trend. While the drum loop resembled the kind heard in hardcore techno, it reta...
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2007-08-20 13:50:24
Címkék: derisive moniker, repetitious, aggressive, originally, especially, syncopated, breakcore, designate, skullstep, clownstep, resembled, derisive, hardcore, techstep, although, similar, kedvenc, written, moniker, limewax, started, quarter, techno, smiley, dotted, trend, heard, ccccc, while, style,
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