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Pain of Salvation-Rope Ends
... let her fall
Prevents her from breathing till she's not there at all
But life holds her hands, refusing to let go
Leaving her breathing on the floor

[Johan Hallgren]

[Daniel Gildenlow]

Seeing guilt has taught her guilt she's raised on disbelief
Merely twenty beautiful but with a taste for grief
She has learnt all that ...
2007-04-19 15:50:55
POS: Beyond the Mirror
... soul
A quiet outcry - a silent scream - is filling me as I am driven back
From shadows that dwell...

...beyond the mirror!
(Inside the circle)

[Hallgren/D.Gildenlow/Both/Hallgren/ D.Gildenlow/Both]

My world is frozen as I'm staring through the glass
Gazing through the window at my memories
Not longer foreign
2006-11-28 20:01:21
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