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Nem csak testünket kell istápolnunk, hanem elménket
és lelkünket még sokkal inkább, mert az ész fénye is,
mint a lámpás, ha olajat belé nem csepegtetünk, kialszik


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2014-08-16 19:58:21
Philip Levine

Philip Levine - Ask For Nothing

Instead walk alone in the evening
heading out of town toward the fields
asleep under a darkening sky;
the dust risen from your steps transforms
itself into a golden rain fallen
2011-03-18 21:07:13
Zz Top — I Wanna Drive Y
... you home.

Low mileage without a pink slip,
Clean upholstery and it ain't been ripped.
She stripped her gears only late last night,
I don't think that thing was oiling right.
Baby please, baby please, I wanna drive you home.

She shakes and shimmies all over the road,
She's always happy when she carry a load.
Another lonesome autom...
2009-08-26 20:50:41
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