Madonna- She Is A Diamond
... [Peron:]
But on the other hand, she's all they have
She's a diamond in their dull gray lives
And that's the hardest kind of stone
It usually survives
And when you think about it, can you recall
The last time they loved anyone at all?

She's not a bauble you can brush aside
She's been out doing what we just talked about, example
2009-04-16 22:18:56
Madonna- Rainbow Tour
... [Peron:]
People of Europe, I send you the Rainbow of Argentina

Spain has fallen to the charms of Evita
She can do what she likes, it doesn't matter much
[Aide #1:]
She's our lady of the new world with a golden touch
[Aide #2:]
She filled a bull-ring, forty-five thousand seater
But if you're prettier than General...
2009-04-12 16:37:38
Madonna- Rainbow High
... [Eva:]
There again I've more to do
Than simply get the message through
I haven't started
Let's get this show on the road
Let's make it obvious
Peron is off and rolling


[Eva's dressers:]
Eyes, hair, mouth, figure
Dress, voice, style, movement
Hands, magic, rings, glamour
Face, diamonds, excitement, im...
2009-04-12 16:36:53
Madonna- Peron's Latest Flame
... seeing her at Harrod's
But behind the jewelry counter, not in front

[Che:] Could there be in our fighting corps
A lack of enthusiasm for
[Army:] Exactly
[Che:] Peron's latest flame
[Army:] You said it brother

Should you wish to cause great distress
In the tidiest officer's mess
Just mention her name

2009-04-12 16:27:03
Madonna- Partido Feminista
... [Crowd:]
(Evita Peron, Partido Feminista) [repeat in background]

Peron is everything, he is the soul, the nerve
The hope and the reality of the Argentine people
We all know that there is only one man in our movement
With his own source of light
We all feed from his light, and that is Peron

And now she wants to ...
2009-04-12 16:26:12
Madonna- On This Night Of A...
Madonna- On This Night Of A Thousand Stars

Now Eva Peron had every disadvantage
You need if you're gonna succeed
No money, no cash
No father, no bright lights
There was nowhere she'd been
At the age of fifteen

As this tango singer found out
Agustin Magaldi
Who has the distinction of being the first
2009-04-10 20:37:19
Madonna- On The Balcony Of The
... are adored, we are loved

Statesmanship is more than entertaining peasants

[Eva's sister:]
We shall see little man

(Evita Peron, La Santa Peronista ... )

I am only a simple woman
Who lives to serve Peron in his noble crusade
To rescue his people
I was once as you are now, and ...
2009-04-10 20:31:19
Madonna- On The Balcony Of The
Madonna- On The Balcony Of The Casa Rosada 1

People of Argentina
Your newly elected President, Juan Peron

[Crowd chanting:]
(Peron Peron ... )

Argentinos, Argentinos
We are all workers now
Fighting against our common enemies
Poverty, social injustice
Foreign domination of our ind...
2009-04-10 20:30:16
Madonna- Oh What A Circus
... [Che:]
Oh what a circus, oh what a show
Argentina has gone to town
Over the death of an actress called Eva Peron
We've all gone crazy
Mourning all day and mourning all night
Falling over ourselves to get all of the misery right

Oh what an exit, that's how to go
When they're ringing your curtain down
Demand to be buried like Eva Pe...
2009-04-10 20:28:19
... ez is Krisztina..

Mi a különbség ET és a férfiak között?! - ET legalább haza

Milyen az abszolút vasutas házaspár? - Eva Peron-Charlie Sheen.

Hogyan hal meg a teniszező? - Megáll benne az ütő.

Kit hívnak, ha a vak beleesik a kútba? - A vakmerőt.

Mi az? Nagy, sárga, és fáj, ha belemeg...
2009-04-06 13:08:43
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