A magyar népek őstörténete 4
... as they still do for the most part, to the Barabara (?!) stock... The ethnic affinities of the Nubian Barabara are unknown, and their language, which is still spoken, has not been satisfactorily assigned to any known group of tongues; it is in no way connected with either the Berber (Hamitic) or Semitic idoms, 193m VI 185 sk.

13) This (kushite) civilization was cruciall...
2011-08-09 23:31:55
Ki is valójában az amerikai na
... appointment; when the program for which the employee was appointed expires; when the need no longer exists for the employee's services; or when the employee fails to perform duties satisfactorily.

3 F.A.M. Sec. 712 (1984) (emphasis in original). This provision accords with other official guidelines and manuals providing that limited appointees may be terminated ...
2008-12-20 08:40:16
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